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Welcome To Korber Enterprises

Improving Children's Lives Through Storytelling

How do you get a child to learn?

Here are four broad categories that facilitate young children becoming active learners: (i) Establishing relationships with one or more responsive adults, (ii) encouraging active, hands-on involvement within their environments, (iii) establishing meaningful and memorable experiences, and (iv) assisting in a child's understanding of his/her world.

How does Korber Enterprises get children to learn?

We have the privilege of creating and publishing multi-lingual children’s storybooks that resonate with young readers. The focus of our efforts is to emphasize the triad of readingmusicwellness.

Our musically-themed stories identify with the reader in a fun-filled way, reflect a nurturing child-centric environment, and we encourage reading through multimedia interactions with the storybook characters.

What To Know About Korber Enterprises.

Welcome to the musical world of Grace and her friends!

We are a company that combines reading-music-health in a unique, multimedia, outreach platform.

We help parents be better parents by encouraging a rich experience that can surround bedtime stories.

We engage with our growing community of children, their families, and their communities through our multi-language print + electronic storybooks.

We strive to adopt and promote good  health & encourage better lifestyle choices by our storybook characters' examples.

We present these resources in a fun-filled environment.

So, as you explore our online community, we hope you will find something of interest and encounter other items that will encourage you to bring Grace and her friends into your home. 


Korber Enterprises Gives Back.

Korber Enterprises regularly contributes to a wide variety of nonprofit organizations and charities. Here are some of the recent organizations receiving some of our children’s books: